You made it!

We’ve always loved the first day of an adventure.

The act of simply starting is a signal. It means you’ve called out to Universe, through a whisper or a whoop, and given word that you’re ready for something more or something different. And we’re so glad that you did. We are beyond psyched (think jazz hands after a lot of caffeine) that you’ve decided to join us for The Great Big Journey, YOUR Great Big Journey.

Consider this the official starting line (although we like to think of it as the starting line AND the winner’s circle). The gun is just about to go off, but before you run forth with excitement, here are a few important tips that will help you milk every moment of your Great Big Journey:

  • Numero uno - you don’t have to run forth. You can walk, you can crawl, heck, you can do the worm if you want. This is not a sprint and it is not marathon. It’s, get this…whatever you want it to be! The reason we’re calling it a “self-guided” journey is because you’re the captain, Captain. Do it all in one day or one weekend, but know this – The program was designed to be a 10-week journey for a reason (we believe change takes time, and ritual) BUT you can do it all in one day or one weekend if that suits you best.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for a few emails from us. We know this is self-guided but a little support never hurts, right? To be sure you get those emails you might want to take a few seconds to add to your Contacts list, otherwise there’s a chance your emails will end up in a spam folder, or in the trash, and nobody wants that.
  • CONNECT WITH US! We mean it when we say we want to hear from you. To make it easy, here are a few ways you can reach out:
    • Send us an email to let us know if you have questions as you go or any feedback that might help us make this whole thing even better than it already is. We’re at Alternatively, you can reach Steph directly at She digs emails from you…a lot.
    • Join the conversation on Instagram (@stephjagger) and be sure to use the #greatbigjourney and #ideclare hashtags because you might get a cool feature!
    • Lastly, grab a pen and a beautiful journal because they are the singular tools required for this journey. 
    • P.S. THIS JOURNAL just might do the trick. Wink-wink, nudge nudge.

Okay my brave warrior, all that’s left to do is raise a teacup or a wine glass or a giant beer stein and toast this fine adventure, because that's what warriors do. Salut!


Yours in deep gratitude, the kind that starts in the pit of our heart and extends right through our fingertips,