1-on-1 Coaching Package – The Cannonball (with STEPH)

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1-on-1 Coaching Package – The Cannonball (with STEPH)


You want to go big. You want a massive year. You want it all and then some. You want a major turnaround and you want, once and for all, to get out of the muck and into whole hearted, holdon-to-your-hat, totally unrestrained living. And you want to be totally supported because you’re committed. COMMITTED. You’re 100 percent ready to invest in…YOU. 

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We get it, and we’re in. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Access to our Deep Dive Discovery form;
  • 2 x 75 minute Matchbook Coaching Sessions (via phone or Skype). One at the beginning to start things with a bang and another at the half-way point so we’re sure our direction is perfectly on point;
  • 11 months of x 1:1 Coaching Sessions (via phone or Skype…approximately 22 sessions);
  • 12 months of unlimited email support;
  • Lots of treats, freebies, and inspiration along the way; and
  • An entirely new way of living.

If it sounds good it's because it is.

"Each session with Steph is a carefully guided road to self-discovery. She has an uncanny ability to see beyond initial barriers and into the depth of a problem or fear before gently steering you in a direction where you can answer and analyze for yourself. The result is always victorious, relieving and wholehearted. She is professional AND at the same time, deeply personal. She fearlessly shares her stories and experiences so you can draw parallels, learn, abandon the feeling of being alone, unlock the true power within and most importantly, ACT on it. Steph is sharp-minded, compassionately hearted, and deeply caring. I would recommend working with her in a heartbeat." – Nellia F

"Working with Steph is a wake up call.  She holds space for incredible self-discovery and uncovers the desires of the adventurer within.  She cheers you on while validating your hero's journey, all of which make it impossible not to act.  My life is BIGGER because of the work I've done with Steph.  Her beliefs about purpose, enthusiasm for life in general, and ability to taking the bull by the horns is contagious.  I recommend Steph to anyone who is seeking change, inspiration and motivation in their life."  - Carly B