1-on-1 Coaching Package – The Springboard (with STEPH)

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1-on-1 Coaching Package – The Springboard (with STEPH)


It's so much easier to jump when we have a bouncy platform underneath us. But any gymnast will tell you that a good leap, one that's full of courage and bravery and faith, takes practice.

Change means commitment, practice, and regular coaching, which is exactly why we created The Springboard, a six month program meant for people looking to leap. 

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If you dig it, you’ll get:

  • Access to our Deep Dive Discovery form;
  • 1 x 75 minute Matchbook Coaching Session (via phone or Skype);
  • 5 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions (via phone or Skype);
  • 3 months of unlimited email support; and
  • A full launch into big, juicy, life-changing, transformation.

Plant yourself deep.

"I worked with Steph through a major career transition. She worked with me to crystalize a vision, create daily action plans and anticipate and navigate inevitable hurdles. In each and every session, I walked away with insights that I was able to apply that day. Additionally, they were built from, and in sync with the type of person I aspire to be and my long-term goals. A coach can't compete for you, but competitors with good coaches, like Stephanie, perform better...and win." - Warren M