Life is about three things: discovering, declaring, delivering.

In other words: knowing thyself, choosing thyself, and making shit happen. It’s about lots of little movements that create gigantic momentum, and the adventure that occurs between the mini and the mighty.

It is a truth telling and truth hollering. It is following the scent of intuition.

Put “I need” to the side because this is about “I want. I will. Watch me now.” It’s about the difference between goals and intentions, and it's about being willing to stumble. It’s about falling down and getting up (pssst…the secret to everything is in the latter).

Ooooooh, and it’s about choice. 100% choice. Your. Choice.

So what are you gonna choose?

Life is about waking up and asking questions – big ones, little ones, and everything in between ones.

And it’s about wanting it. You gotta want it. Badly. Because BIG life, UNRESTRAINED doesn’t happen without down-on-your-knees want and nobody can do that part for you. It’s about doing the work and learning the difference between easy and ease, flow and no-go, hard and not-gonna-happen.

It’s about swimming in murky waters and developing the resolve to do it over, and over, and over again. Dipping your toes in the water is one thing, taking the plunge is quite another.

Are you gonna dive in?