Whistler, CANADA

RETREAT - verb, to withdraw, to remove oneself, to become smaller.

We’ve flipped the switch on the definition of the word retreat. Instead of withdraw, think advance. Instead of becoming smaller, think going BIG.

This is an unrestrained dive in, a place and a time for you to completely submerge, soak, and steep in a whole new way of thinking. This is a bullshit free zone where you can count on truth telling combined with a whole lotta support. Each retreat has their own distinct flavor and focus so read on for more about HIGH RESOLUTION - consider this the invite.

High Resolution is a high-altitude retreat with one goal - to help you dream up and bring to life a game changing, life altering, powerful shift that will help you get to the next level. Yes, this will involve going out of your comfort zone.

We're not talking small changes, we're talking crystal clear, high resolution transformation.

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