From her regular emcee gig with REI Outessa, to touring with her book Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self Discoveryto hosting game-changing retreats from her private space in the woods, it's easy to interact directly with Steph. 

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Steph has partnered with companies and events like REI Outessa, WNorth, The Confidence Retreat, and Stantec, and more - essentially, she's been brought in as an emcee, speaker and facilitator when a powerful voice, and smashingly good energy are needed. 


Consider this your official invitation to book Steph for your next event. Think corporate affairs, emcee duties, in-store events, inspirational workshops, podcast appearances and other gatherings where words of wisdom are a required menu item.  

Steph is an exceptional speaker. She delivers a message with clarity, impact and a heck of a lot of down-to-earth, hilarious goodness. Check out some of her testimonials below as well as her latest smash-hits from an #UnboundBook speech, reading and Q&A below.

“Steph was one of our all time favorite speakers, we were super lucky to have her!”

— FEAT Canada

“I’m still feeling blown away and awe inspired from last night’s event with Steph.”

— Audience Member - Stantec Event

“Thank you so much for last night. It was fabulous! For me personally, it was also very touching, as I have recently had some “I feel like there is more in me” moments. The timing of Steph’s speech couldn’t have been better to really give those thoughts some power!”

— Audience Member - Stantec Event

“My sincerest thanks to Steph for killing it last night! Steph is an amazing lady and we all felt privileged to have the opportunity to work with her on such an intimate level.”

— Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness


“Prepare to be blown away because that’s just how Steph Jagger rolls. She digs deep, tells it like it is, and leaves you craving more. She’s like a bad-ass bestie who delivers gospel like sermon on Sunday morning. Her ability to create intimate engagement with crowds large and small will leave you feeling seen, heard and ready to play ball. If you or your organization are ready to level up — Steph’s your gal!”

— Rachel Ricketts, Founder Loss&Found



Some of Steph's favorite, and most requested, speaking topics include:

Goal Setting 101 - flipping the script on traditional goal setting

The Importance of Starting Lines vs. Finish Lines

Living Your Own Hero or Heroine's Journey

Saying No To Expectations And Limitations And Yes To The Dare That Is Life

The Intuition of Joy vs. The Intuition of Fear

Interested in having Steph speak at your next event - #UnboundBook or otherwise? Count. Her. In.

The possibilities are endless - all ya gotta do is hit the link below, send us your details, and we'll get the ball rolling on becoming official partners in crime.