• Bloedel Bunkhouse (map)
  • 16150 Agate Pass Road NE
  • Bainbridge Island, WA
  • USA

Are you an artist of a writer? If so…you do not want to miss out on this residency opportunity.

Join Steph, and the editors of Seventh Wave for a three-day program designed to provide writers, artists, and creatives a physical interlude: a place and space outside the everyday to think, write, and converse, both with each other and The Seventh Wave editors over shared meals, one-on-one check-ins, and nightcaps (obvs).

Once onsite, artists in residence will workshop pieces for publication in Seventh Wave’s ninth issue. We are thrilled to be sharing our home, and to co-create an inclusive creative space with the selected residents.

  • DATE: Thursday, February 14 - Sunday, February 17, 2019

  • WHERE: Bloedel Bunkhouse

  • ACCESS: Applications are now closed. Head to SEVENTH WAVE for information on other residencies available.