You’re gutsy, courageous and bold. You’re a risk-taker (the calculated kind) who’s up for adventures large and small. You’re already soaking a fair bit out of life but you know there’s more, different, deeper and richer. You haven’t quite reached the marrow of life and that’s exactly where you want to go next.


We like to consider it a compilation, the granddaddy master-mix of our thousand+ hours of coaching. We’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you – lionhearted souls who want to get as much out of life as possible, brave adventurers who got a little lost somewhere along the way, and heroes and heroines who said, “Fuck it. The life I’ve been living for the last year (or five, or ten, or twenty) isn't mine. And I’m ready for mine.”

We’ve listened, we’ve questioned, we’ve acted like mirrors for the good, the bad, and the really freaking ugly. We’ve held space and hearts and hands. And we’ve seen miracles. Big ones. Massive ones . . . because that’s what miracles are by definition – they’re gigantic even when they’re small.

After that, and this is the key to it all, we poured every ounce of what we learned into THE GREAT BIG JOURNEY.

  • It's the official "how-to" for living an unrestrained life.

  • It’s a game-changer - a 12-week (and then some) no messing around, intensely intentional adventure that will give you everything you need to release all of the expectations and limitations that are holding you back.

  • It's a commitment, a pretty big one, to playing your biggest game, and going for as much gusto as you can get.

  • And it's a guidebook and ownership manual designed to have you screamin', "HECK YES!" to the daring adventure that is life.

This is an energetic revolution. This is potent and important.
— RACHEL R., Great Big Journeyer


HERE's How it works:

  • The GREAT BIG JOURNEY is a 12+ week coaching program that includes six one-on-one coaching sessions with your very own coach as well as digital content served straight to your inbox. The + in 12+ stands for two things - the community of other Great Big Journeyers (past and present) that you’ll have immediate access to, as well as a post-GBJ follow-up and accountability session with your coach - cuz we don’t like to leave people hanging.

  • There are three GREAT BIG JOURNEY intakes per year that run January, April and September.

  • Within 24 hours of sign-up, a welcome message will be sent straight to your inbox. It will include simple, easy-as-pie instructions for the 12+ weeks ahead.

  • Every week after that, for the next 12 weeks, you'll get an email, penned by Steph, with straight shots of wisdom, accountability and instructions about what to download, and when and how to book your curated coaching sessions. (P.S. It's important to note that the downloadable PDF content included in each email is gorgeous . . . and when we say gorgeous, we mean the drop-dead-fall-on-your-knees kind of gorgeous.)

  • Altogether, the 12+ weeks of content, as well as your six dedicated coaching sessions, will serve as a guide for what will be a very personal GREAT BIG JOURNEY. All in all there are three sections for you to devour. They are:

    • DISCOVER: Weeks 1 through 4 - In the first section, you’re going to pull back multiple layers, swim in water that's a little deeper than normal and discover everything about yourself that's sitting just beneath the surface. You're gonna learn about the scent of your intuition and how to follow it. And you're gonna do all of this so you can take the "rough" part out of the phrase "diamond in the rough". Discover is about being aware of your weaknesses, knowing (and leaning into) your strengths, and using all of that to dream BIG dreams about your future - ones you were born to take action on. You'll also have access to an ass-kicker of a coaching session at the beginning of all this so you can set the tone for your journey and then some.

    • DECLARE: Weeks 5 and 6 - In the next section, you’re going to make some commitments about the stuff you discovered in section one, about who you're gonna be and how you're gonna show up in the world. You’re gonna make your intentions clear and you’re gonna claim victories . . . in advance. This section includes a coaching session as well - because declarations work best when they're out in the world, loud and proud.

    • DELIVER: Weeks 7 through 12+ - In the final section, you're going to start walking your talk and stepping forward in a big way. You're gonna make shit happen. Good shit. Brilliant shit. Big, beautiful, blow-your-own-mind kinda stuff. And you're gonna do it with your coach checkin' in on ya here and there to make sure you're on track.

Each section is chock-full of inspiring prompts, quotes and questions. You'll read a little, write a little and reflect a lot. You'll have a coach at your side for clarity and accountability. And you'll be charging ahead hard (we're not joking about this, the GBJ requires a commitment of time, and more importantly, energy and self-compassion) because every single part of THE GREAT BIG JOURNEY has been designed to take you deeper into YOU, into your truths, and ultimately, into your transformation.

You'll also be assigned a personal coach. Yes, you read that correctly. You'll have an amazing partner at your side for email support throughout the program and SIX 1:1 DEDICATED COACHING SESSIONS, timed for maximum impact in Weeks 1, 5, 10, and 12, as well as a bonus session to use in weeks three or eight (your choice), and a follow-up and accountability session to be used six weeks post-Journey

You'll also have access to:

  • MONTHLY WEBINARS - otherwise known as full-on jam sessions with Steph herself (AKA the resident spiritual gangster and mastermind behind THE GREAT BIG JOURNEY); AND

  • THE PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY - THE place to get to get down with our inner circle of Great Big Journeyers - past and present.


  1. See things differently (including yourself);

  2. Know more than you ever have about what you've been put on this earth to do; and

  3. Take big strides in that very direction.

In other words . . .

  • You're going to start living a yes-yes-more-of-that-thank-you-very-much kind of life;

  • You're gonna know yourself, choose yourself, and make shit happen; and

  • You're going to start living an unrestrained life.

I love it. I love it. I love it. This slowed me down and made me think - not only about the next career move, or the next ambitious goal on my list, but more so about who I want to be in the world, and how I’m going to show up as that person
— S.C., Great Big Journeyer
I wanted to start by sending the biggest bouquet of gratitude I can muster. Thank you for all the work you put into this program. You have created a safe space for the deepest exploration and I don’t think I have the eloquence to describe what is beginning to happen for me.
— WENDY R., Great Big Journeyer


Let's go week by week.

WEEK ONE: Discovery Deep Dive - Let the digging begin!

  • We know you’ve got some special juju to offer up, but we gotta find out what it is before we can make it shine. Otherwise (and this is important), you’ll move through life by setting goals just for the sake of setting goals. You’ll probably get a lot done, but to be frank, it will be without intention or purpose or soul, and I don’t know about you but we kind of dig intention and purpose and soul.

  • Are you ready to know why? Are you ready to let yourself free? Are you ready to do the digging required to find out what kind of diamond you really are, and how you’re naturally cut, and where you’ll shine best, and what kind of setting is going to let every single beam of light in the world move through you with so little effort you’ll be blown right off your tootsies?

  • Download your official Deep Dive Discovery form - the starting blocks of THE GREAT BIG JOURNEY.

  • Book your 75 minutes of 1:1 Coaching (via phone or Skype).

  • Prepare to challenge your truth. Prepare to go big on clarity, AH-HAs, and intuitive validation. Prepare to get a brand spanking new way of thinking, AND end with a total reframe on your truer than true goals.

WEEK TWO: Wants & Desires - Tell us what you want, what you really really want.

  • Get ready for a week of marinating, a deep soak in your own wishes that’s designed to help you find the clarity you’re craving. You’re going to explore what’s at the heart of your heart, what you really, really want, and then you’re gonna claim it as your own. And all of that – well, it’s gonna set the stage for good shit to happen, and we’re pretty sure you’re down with good shit.

  • DISCOVER what it is that you crave, desire and hunger for and reflect on all of it - BIG TIME.

WEEK THREE: Dreams - Dream a little dream for me.

  • Don’t get us wrong, every week is BIG, but this is really, really BIG . . . in fact, it’s HUGE with a silent H.

  • You’re gonna start dreaming about who you are and who you might become.

  • You're gonna dive into the best and highest and most kickass version of yourself at the same time as looking tangibly for where you’re currently allowing that person to show up.

  • Ooooh . . . and you're gonna indulge in your most out-of-this-world, wildest-dreams-might-be-coming-true kind of dreams, as well as your on-a-wish-and-a-prayer kind of life - the kind of life that just might happen if you started with intention, got your energy gathered in all the right places, and made decisions with intuition and heart. Who knows . . . maybe dreams do come true.

WEEK FOUR: Perceptions & Beliefs - Clear away smoke, see into mirrors.

  • Our minds are fascinating places – places of smoke and mirrors, wee haunted houses perched atop our shoulders and necks, wild and wacky worlds of fiction and reality. You’re gonna spend a whole week sorting through all those illusions, perceptions and deceptions.

  • Get ready to put a few checks and balances on that ole brain of yours – get ready to clear out the smoke and wipe the fog from the mirror.

  • Most importantly, get ready to see yourself reflected more clearly – crystal clearly.

WEEK FIVE: Declaration Form - Take it to the bridge.

  • It’s time for another coaching session. We wanna know all about what you’ve discovered for yourself. You’ll get 60 minutes of 1:1 coaching with your personal coach to go over the ups and downs, the clear and the murky.

  • This week you move from DISCOVER to DECLARE, so we’re gonna build a bridge there together.

WEEK SIX: Declarations - I solemnly declarE . . .

  • The oomph behind a good DECLARATION is powerful. It is a defiant act of CHOOSING YOURSELF. It is setting the stage and pulling back the curtains. It is crystalizing your visions and creating accountability, regardless of whether it’s public or not. DECLARATIONS are signs and whispers. They are contracts with the Universe that you’re in . . . officially.

  • By the end of this week you’ll know why your DECLARATION is important, what exactly it is, as well as with whom and how you want to share it. You’ll also be taking action on the single most important part before delivering on your unrestrained life.

  • You're also gonna work on permission - you know, the thing you've gotta give yourself to run forth and make shit happen!

WEEK SEVEN: Pilot Project - Choose your own adventure.

  • This week you move from DECLARE to DELIVER, so shit’s about to get real.

  • You’re going to experiment. You’re gonna free flow, tap your curiosity like it’s a freaking Maple tree, and then you’re going to explore the heck out of things.

  • You’re going to do some things differently than you’ve ever done before and you’re going to do some things the same way, only WAY more often.

  • You’re gonna make like a shampoo bottle and lather, rinse, repeat.

WEEK EIGHT: Time & Energy - drains and gains.

  • Week eight is about pinpointing the things that light you up as much as it is about figuring out why your dimmer switch has been resting on low.

  • You’re gonna look at what you love and what you loathe. And, most importantly, you’re going to start letting go of the latter so you can . . . drumroll please . . . DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE.

  • By the end of it, you’ll be more than ready to DELIVER on your pilot project because you’ll have freed up even more time and energy to do so!

WEEK NINE: Priorities - Say no. Choose yes.

  • Destiny’s Child was onto something with that No, No, No, No, No hit and this week you’re going to find out why.

  • It’s impossible to swing to the next monkey bar without letting go of the one behind you. You’ve gotta learn how to let go and say no, so you can fly into your future with “YAAAAAAAAASSSSS!” pouring outta your mouth!

  • Three cheers for "YES!!!!".

WEEK TEN: Course Correction Coaching - Chart your own course.

  • It’s time for another 60 minute 1:1 coaching session with your personal coach. Together we’re gonna check in on your pilot project and do any course correction necessary.

  • We’ll have a conversation about cruise control, speedbumps and roadblocks, and get you ready to blast off and DELIVER on your pilot project - version 2.0.

WEEK ELEVEN: Final Flight Plan - Tips, tricks & the final trail home.

  • This is it. The final exam. Only there’s no exam . . . and you've already passed with flying colors.

  • This week you're gonna get all juiced up with every tip and trick we know. You'll walk away with our crib notes, our cheat sheet on everything "UNRESTRAINED LIVING".

  • And you'll reflect on where you started, where you’ve come, and where it is you're going.

WEEK TWELVE: CELEBRATION SESSION - Put the champagne on ice.

  • It’s time for your 30 minute 1:1 coaching session, which is all about celebrating the heck out of YOU and creating a path forward.

  • We’ll debrief everything you DISCOVERED, DECLARED and DELIVERED on this GREAT BIG JOURNEY.

  • Get ready to clap yo’ hands, pop the cork, and plan your path ahead - here’s to you!

I’m not a program kind of girl but I’ve gotta say, this got my butt in gear in a new way. I would do it again as an annual reframe.
— SARAH W., Great Big Journeyer



  • 12+ weeks and 75+ pages of utterly delicious, life-changing program material served fresh from Steph's pen to your inbox. These lil' packages are brimming with deeply reflective journaling prompts to get you kick-started each week, including quotes and questions designed to help you marinate in YOU and tips and tricks to put the personal back in personal growth.

  • 6 hours of personalized, 1:1 coaching sessions just for YOU. You'll receive a dedicated coach from Steph's team of OUT OF THIS WORLD GREAT BIG JOURNEY coaches. Your coach will be with you every step of the way, with 1:1 sessions scheduled in Weeks 1, 5, 10, and 12, as well as a bonus session to use in weeks 3 or 8 (your choice), and a follow-up and accountability session to be used six weeks post-Journey. All of these sessions are designed, planned and prepped for maximum impact along the way;

  • Monthly access to Steph in live-webinars. Join her, her team of coaches and the entire GREAT BIG JOURNEY community so you can share your personal victories, as well as your challenges . . . and who's kidding who, a handful of electronic high-fives and virtual hallelujahs;

  • Access to our private Facebook community;

  • On-going email support from the GREAT BIG JOURNEY team;

  • Access to post-Journey benefits including priority sign-ups and membership pricing for exclusive 1-on-1 Coaching spots, Jurassic Retreats, the Read Like a Mother book club, and Sacred Rebellion (to be announced spring 2019); and

  • Top secret bonuses along the way.

This whole experience is bringing a tremendous amount of clarity about what to let go of, and I’m finding so much illumination in what inspires me.
— K.N., Great Big Journeyer


A program that’s been steeped in the wisdom we’ve learned, combined with every ounce of yours. Go big AND go home.



P.S. The next intake for THE GREAT BIG JOURNEY begins on January 13, 2019. Email us at for more info and/or details about payment plans.