1-On-1 Coaching – The Mind-Blower


1-On-1 Coaching – The Mind-Blower


Are you sitting? Okay great, now stand up because we’re going to need you on your feet for this.

“What exactly is this?” you’re wondering.

This is The Mind Blower, which is basically like a leaf blower for your head and your heart. It’s a clearing, a stripping down AND a building up. This is you, finally, once and for all, stepping into yourself and beyond. It’s your launch into the stratosphere. It’s you telling mediocrity to fuck right off. It’s moving from I’m-gonna-lose-five-pounds to Fuck-It-I’m-Gonna-Love-Myself-and-Maybe-I-Already-Do-and-All-Y’all-Who-Ain’t-On-That-Page-Can-Go-Live-On-The-Curb-I-Just-Kicked-Mediocrity’s-Boney-Old-Ass-To.

This is where we create a fresh line, a starting line if you will, for you and for the life that has been sitting beside you for years, waiting for you to grab the hell out of it and run.

Loving side note: don’t book yourself in for a Mind-Blower if you ain’t ready to run.

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Want in? Here’s what you get:

  • Pre-session access to our Deep Dive Discovery form, which in and of itself is gonna blow ya back;
  • 90 minutes of in-depth, utterly game changing, 1:1 Coaching (via phone or Skype);
  • Truths...served with a side of Absolutely Zero B.S.;
  • Love and compassion so we can use your truths to carve out mind-blower of a reframe and a new path forward;
  • A brand spanking new way of thinking; and
  • A follow-up email tailored just for you...because there's nothing like staring at your truths on a page to hold you accountable.

I know you're ready to blow your own damn mind.