Intelligent people can take hints; they don't need to have everything explained to them at great length...

That said, sometimes a handful of hints is fucking rad.

Good thing Sian Richardson and I have decided to partner up on doling a handful of them out. In each issue of Sian's magazine, The Unmistakable Effect, we've been partnering on an open jam sesh of hints in a column we called 'Words to the Motherfuckin' Wise'.

People just like you brought us questions (big, fat, juicy ones) and we grabbed a bat in an attempt to hit some answers straight outta the park. And now, we've bundled them all together as an eBook that's guaranteed to knock your socks off - like imagine them just sitting empty on the ground - and go deeper than deep on the details of your unmistakeable dreams. In other words:


Words To The Wise is an eBook stack full of love letters to the beast that is fear. 

It's for risk-takers, rule-breakers and rebels. It's for game changers, provocateurs and people who want to tell fear to take a seat, cuz from now on wisdom, intuition, curiosity and hope are in charge.  


And guess what?

The pre-sale is going down right now, just for you.

80+ pages of straight-talking, hard-walking wisdom that we know you're gonna flip for. Think modern day Dear Abby (real letters, with real questions, from real people). Think no bullshit questions and no bullshit answers, served with heaps of love, and sometimes, because we want y'all to get woke AF, a slap across the cheek.

Now...we know you're probably itching to find out more about what's inside, so here's a peek at some of the letters:

  • “When there are signs in your life that let you know it’s time for a change, how do you know if a big life change is what you need (like sell your house and furniture and live a new life) or a simple tweak to how you do things is in order (like spend more time having fun and adventuring)?”

  • “How do you find balance and establish what is “productive enough” vs going overboard and obsessive about getting things done?"

  • “How the fuck do I change my money mindset?”

  • “What advice would you give someone who is frustrated by their audience?”

  • “I want to cultivate more presence this year. Any tips when it comes to being more awake and aware in my life?”

  • “How did you know it was the right decision?"

So...that's your invite. You in?

Still got somethin' on your mind?

What happens when I buy? 
You'll get an email or two confirming your order, and then you'll get a download of Words to the Wise a few glorious moments after that.

How can I read the eBook? 
You'll get a schmick PDF download, which means you can easily read the eBook on any PDF-readable device... So you can read it on ya Desktop, you can shoot it over to your phone to read on the go, or you can open it up in iBooks where it can hang out with all of your other digi books. You can also print it out if that's your vibe.


Yours with heaps of love and a dash of tomfoolery,